3MF file format

  • Is there any chance of us being able to use 3MF files? I am building a 6 color setup with my Duet Wifi and expansion board and seems like having color information would be a great benefit.

  • 3MF is a model file, like an STL. It wouldn't be read by a printer controller, just like an STL isn't read by a printer controller. You'd use a slicer in between, to convert STL/3MF to gcode.

  • I have been doing a bit of reading and can find no concrete answers of its intended use. ( http://3mf.io/ ) There seems to be printers that support this file format directly. It looks like these do, Mcor IRIS and Mcor ARKe. It maybe too much for the Duet but who knows? It would open up great new possibilities if it did…...

  • Mcor still uses a slicer to process the model file. They call it "orange":


    It runs on a PC or Mac and converts STL/3MF files to whatever gcode-type of file Mcor uses to do machine control.

  • I can see how 3mf offers some advantages, its been conceived much later in 3D printing than stl, but it seems to be a bit like microsoft muscling into the 3D space knowing that hundreds of milllions of PC's out there have windows 10 with bundled software that pushes the 3MF format. Rather reminiscent of internet explorer.. nothing puts people off faster than trying too hard to get them to like your product.

  • They donated the starting code as far as I can tell, Ultimaker also supports it.

  • There is a GSoC project for 3MF support for Slic3r

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