Duet3/Toolboard BLTouch v3.1 doesn't self test

  • so I am commissioning my Duet3/Toolboard with BLTouch v3.1.
    With the cheap clone it was self-testing just fine on power up. Switched to a brand new genuine v3.1 and now it doesn't self test on power up.

    All the M280 GCodes work fine, including forcing a self-test with M280 S120.

    so does version 3.1 NOT automatically self test on power up?
    Should I be worried it isn't self testing?

    manually tripping the pin stops z travel, so it appears to be working correctly, but i hesitate to proceed to bed leveling if the z sensor is suspect...

  • I have observed the same behavior and would appreciate @dc42 weighing in. Everything appears to be working (M280 P0 S120 triggers the selftest) but no auto self-test through the toolboard upon boot.

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    The 3.1 is a bit different than previous v2, but I was still under the impression that it does the self test as soon as power is applied.

    Perhaps you can spot something relevant in the Bltouch docs.


  • Thanks for the reply. I have now confirmed the BL Touch v3.1 will perform a successful self-test when "M280 P0 S120" is added to the config. This might be my misunderstanding, but I was under the assumption that it auto-performed this test.

  • @oozeBot that was my understanding as well - a self test as soon as power is applied. But I'll add the M280 into the startup gCode and run with that...

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