Wiring power switch tail on Duet 2 WiFi

  • Dear all,

    In our company we have a 3D printer running with a heated bed which is sepererately from the control interface (Duet 2 WiFi). You can already guess that the heatbed keeps running when the prints finishes, resulting is an enormous energy losses (heatbed is > 1kW).

    The idea is to use this powerswitchtail (https://shop.mchobby.be/en/breakout/1289-power-switch-tail-240v-ac-3232100012899.html) to switch off the heatbed when the print is finished, with the M80/M81 gcodes with the PS-on connections on the duet. However, not sure how to wire (some say PS-on is an input for 5V, other say it's an output) this and set it up. Hopefully you can shine some light on it.

    Wiring idea;
    From Duet 5V --> + on Powerswitchtail
    Duet PS-on --> GND on powerswitchtail

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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