UNSOLVED Duet Smart Effector (PCB rev 2.0) - Replacement capacitor (C1)

  • Hardware - Duet3D SmartEffector (PCB rev 2.0)
    Relevant files - SmartEffector_schematic_v2.0.pdf


    I'm not sure whether this is the cause of a problem I've been having (doubt it) or a result of me being too heavy handed during some disassembly, but the capacitor labelled C1 is damaged/missing.


    I'm looking to purchase a replacement, and have narrowed it down from the schematics to a 100nF C0603 capacitor. On googling this, however, I realise there are a lot of different types of this... 😆 Are there any specific ratings I should be looking for? I see it's between 3.3V and GND so I assume it's just removing high frequency noise. Is something like this suitable? (If you're having any trouble viewing the link, I've attached an image of the specs as well)

    RS Electronics - Link


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    Any 100nF 0603 X5R or X7R will do in that position, including that one.

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