Printer not delivering material at hot end during prints.

  • So,

    I finally put my printer together and everything (sans this problem) works okay. I calibrated the extruder, the material flows quite easily out of my genuine V6 hotend, the BL Touch seems to do its job, BUT.. when it's time to put it all together, there is nothing that comes out of the hot end, or very little.

    I'm totally confused as to what is happening. Mechanically, everything SEEMS fine. I get material that pumps out quickly and easily when I do a manual extrusion, but not on the prints themselves., I can see the material just eaking out now and then. I need help!

  • Moderator

    Sounds like a slicer problem. Do you happen to use Cura and have the filament diameter set to 3mm instead of 1.75mm?

  • yup. that was it. Thank you! don't know how I missed that..

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