Smart Effector Connection issues

  • Hello, I have a brand new Smart Effector which i got from E3D

    The effector does not heat up and does not show lights unless i wiggle the 6 pin connector, i have re crimped it 2 times now but then i noticed the back of the effector. Is this supposed to be like this?

    alt text

  • Mine has all six pins soldered on this side. I'd send the picture to E3D.

  • Moderator

    No that definitely does not look correct.

    Please contact E3D and initiate a warranty exchange. Refer them to this thread as authorization.

  • administrators

    @Maniax, I'm sorry you have received a faulty Smart Effector. Are you experienced at soldering? If so then you have my permission to solder those pins yourself, and the warranty will not be affected.

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