Suspected short, or power issue - unsure how to troubleshoot.

  • I've been using my Duet Wifi for a while now, with a Kossel XL, with a Volcano hot end. The power supply is 24v, 400w. Every so often, I've had unexplained print-stops, and today some shifting in printing, consistent with a single motor missing steps. I ran a few more prints, and I heard a jolty noise, followed by one of the motors stopping moving, before another jolty noise, and then the motor continuing.

    On the third run through, with this behaviour, the printer turned off, and I was unable to turn it back on for some time. A little blue light on the board would flicker, with a slight crackling noise, but the board, PanelDue etc. would not turn on. PSU seemed to be running fine.

    After about 1 minute, I flipped the power switch again, and it turned back on.

    Most of the troubleshooting information seems to be what to do in cases where the printer won't turn on, and from my limited knowledge, this seems like some kind of fuse type issue?

  • I should add that the reason I fear it's a wattage issue, is I've been running at 125c for 300mm bed, and it's pretty cold (ambient) here at the moment.

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    The blue LED on the Duet indicates the presence of your 24V power. If it flickers, that indicates a power issue. The most likely cause is that the VIN terminal block screws on the Duet are no longer tight.

  • Got it in one. Thanks yet again dc42.

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