Pause until Z sensor removed/attached

  • I have a FLSun QQ-s Pro which has an auto level sensor that you only connect when you want to check for bed level, and have to remove for printing.

    At the moment I use the code listed below in the bed.g macro to ensure I have added the sensor before starting.

    M117 ; Ensure you have attached Z-Probe.
    M577 X S2 ; wait for end-stop to trigger
    M577 X S0 ; wait for end-stop release

    Is there a way of moving end-stop trigger to E1 as I don't currently use this, and I have an end-stop type button I could use? If there is a better method to do this please feel free to explain it (as if to a total beginner 🙂 ).


  • Hi,

    Have you considered using M291?

    With the right parameters it can display a message and wait for a mouse click.


  • That's perfect, just what I was trying to achieve, and without any additional hardware.


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