LED Indicator Legend

  • I currently have a surprise Red LED lit next to my Y Stepper Motor Terminal, but I can't find associated solutions for fixing the problem.

    None of the steppers have been disconnected or moved. This happened last week for both the X and Y stepper terminals, and the next day it started working again, without moving anything. I'm also not using the printer yet because I've been turning it on for short amounts of time to test connections and config settings. No printing yet.

    My Y stepper is hardwired into a lead that goes to the original printer socket, which goes to the DuetWiFi terminal, as does X and Z. I have no idea how it's now not connected.

    While I'm at it, is there an LED Indicator Legend that explains the board LED meanings and associated solutions. I've done auto-mechanics before, and we call these Light Codes, however I haven't been able to find any terminology or diagrams associated with Duet boards.

  • @CaLviNx:

    The LED's along that side all pertain to end stop switch states,

    Wiring Diagram available here –-------------> https://duet3d.com/wiki/Duet_WiFi_wiring_diagrams

    From the SD card end of the board

    LED 1 = E1 Stop
    LED 2 = E0 Stop
    LED 3 = X Stop
    LED 4 = Y Stop
    LED 5 = Z Stop

    The LED's along the end Starting from the "erase" button then going up are as follows

    LED 1 = +3.3v
    LED 2 = +5v
    LED 3 = VIN
    LED 4 = E0 HEAT
    LED 5 = E1 HEAT

    Found the problem. It's a faulty Y End Stop. It's hardly been used and it's decided to quack.

    I've swapped it out with the original Z End Stop I took off for the BLTouch for now.

    Thanks for your help, couldn't have done it without you.

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