GND pins on fans board's connector

  • Hi,

    I've got an unconventional problem. I use a multi wire cable from the board to the effector (Because I prefer one cable :)), since I've got 3x40mm fan on the effector it takes 6 wires. I'm not a genius in electronic so I wanted to know if GND pins on fans board's connector are link to each other?

    I mean will I be able to solder all the fans GND from the effector to one wire (then split it to 3 wire on the duet), so I'll reduce the number of used wire from 6 to 4?

    The gauge of the wires isn't a problem. And I've got classic 40mm fans (not thick ones)

    Sorry if it's too dumb 🙂

  • administrators

    The positive fan wires are commoned, and the negative ones are switched as required. So it's the positive fan wires that you can replace by a single wire. No need to split it again at the Duet, the fan current is low so it can all come from just one of the fan connectors.

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