BLtouch v3.1 / Toolboard Resolution!

  • I have just spent the better part of the last three days and nights working on this.. our BLtouch functions, but is in a constant error state when connected to the toolboard and blinks red. It does not self-test at startup and simply adding the self test command to the config does not correct this.

    -- BUT --

    Adding the following to the config allows the BLtouch to successfully complete the self-test and initialize without entering an error state! I suspect this must be some sort of handshake issue within the firmware, but will leave that to the experts.

    M280 P0 S60 ; BLtouch - toggle switch mode
    G4 P1000 ; wait 1 second
    M280 P0 S120 ; BLtouch toggle self-test

    I am in hopes this helps others and Duet can research the root cause. Thanks

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    @oozeBot Thanks for your workaround. I know @dc42 is looking into the issue.


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    @oozeBot, thanks for your workaround. I will refer other users to it. As you may be aware, I have traced the issue to debug messages written to the io0.out pin by the bootloader.

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