SOLVED Under voltage issues.

  • Hey, my printer just started making horrible grinding noises. I thought it was belts being stripped, but what it turns out was that my Y axis had reversed itself. After reading up a little, I found that under voltage can do just that. I checked my cables and Y started working again, so maybe a bad cable. HOWEVER, when I went to do another home check, the z motors both started doing the same shutter thing. SO, now I'm wondering if it's the power supply?

    Any thoughts on trouble shooting that?

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    It might help to know what duet board you have, what firmware it's running, what the motors are, what your psu is, your config.g and the results of M122.

  • The DWC will display your PSU voltage.
    Otherwise just measure the output with a multi-meter while under load.

  • It was loose cables and bad pins.. I replaced the pins and the problem went away.

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