STM32F4 port of RepRap Firmware 3.1.x+

  • @gloomyandy has just uploaded beta test versions of an experimental STM32F4 port of RepRap Firmware V3.1.x+. The firmware files can be found here: Google Drive

    This port is an enhanced version of the RepRap Firmware LPC176x port and much of the documentation/features etc. applies to both.
    Currently the following boards are supported:
    BTT SKR Pro V1.1
    BTT SKR Pro V1.2
    BTT GTR V1.0 (The drivers on the expansion board are not currently supported)

    Two versions of the firmware are provided:
    firmware-wifi.bin supports access by an ESP8266 WiFi module.
    firmware-sbc.bin supports connection to a Raspberry Pi SBC.
    Both versions have USB and serial ports enabled.

    For more information on installing and configuring the firmware please see the STM32F4 sections of the Wiki:
    Github Wiki

    For help with generating RRF configuration files please see the online configuration tool (which has been updated for this release):
    RRF Configurator

    For help and general discussion please use the discord server:
    Discord Channel

    Please note the following:

    • The WiFi version of this firmware requires updated firmware on the ESP8266 (it removes the small number of active socket limitation used with the LPC version). The updated ESP8266 firmware is provided in the link above (see the WiKi for programming details).

    • The SBC version of this firmware removes many of the limitations present in the LPC port (which are due to memory constraints), because of this the STM32F4 version now uses the standard Duet3D SBC RPi software not the version modified for the LPC.

    • As with the LPC version of RRF the WiFi module and SBC is connected via the EXP1 and EXP2 headers. However it should be noted that the orientation of these headers is different on the STM32F4 boards which may make using existing adaptors difficult.

    Adaptor boards for the WiFi and SBC connections can be purchased from @PCR here

    This version is very new and has only received a small amount of testing. It may be used to control heaters and other hardware that in some situations could be dangerous. Please monitor operation carefully and use this firmware at your own risk.

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