Duet 2wifi X endstop issues

  • Hello all, I have an issue with my X endstop. I am using optical endstop on both X & Y. Now both endstop where working great. I took apart my hotend to change it over to direct drive. After installing the hotend again my X endstop is not working correctly. For an FYI my printer is a CoryXY and my X optical endstop is on the hotend mount. Now here is the problem, the duet 2 WiFi board shows that the endstop is triggered all the time. The light on the board is lit up and if I manually trigger the X endstop the light goes out. So I know that the endstop is working, but the duet says it’s triggered. I did not change my config file (endstop settings). I tried an old micro switch and that activates the light just like the optical endstop, but the duet still says it’s triggered all the time. Anybody have any ideas of how to fix this I’m completely stumped. Please let me know because I am stumped. Thank you

  • Update, if I remove the X endstop wiring the light goes out but the duet thinks is still triggered with nothing attached.

  • Update to the update. I found out what was wrong. Stupid me remove the X endstop wire to the duet and when I re-installed it I put it on the Z. After I moved the wire its good again. Just goes to show you always check you work over and over.......

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