M204 causing spam in web ui

  • I'm getting a metric crap ton of pop ups in the Web UI saying "Maximum printing acceleration 10000.0, maximum travel acceleration 10000.0".
    See here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4QI9opJS9SbdUFzYl84YXJnXzQ

    In the bency gcode that it's printing I can see that it's sending the M204 command only with the S parameter, and from checking the sources this isn't handled by RRF at all, instead it's treated as a query since no known parameters are found.

    In the latest sources I see that a check for the S parameter with [c]platform.Emulating() == marlin[/c] has been added, but I take it that isn't released yet? Should I configure Slic3r somehow differently to get it to produce an output that the firmware understands?

    Config.g and the gcode being printed here:

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    The version of slic3r that you are running is using a deprecated Marlin M204 parameter. Is a later version of slic3r available? If not, you could upgrade to the 1.19beta7 firmware. If your board is a Duet WiFi then read the important upgrade notes first because you need new WiFi firmware too and the mechanism to set up your wifi SSID and password.

  • I'm using 1.34.1 release of the Prusa Slic3r, which is the latest stable release. There are some newer release candidates available though, I could try those.

    I'm not sure I want to upgrade a beta firmware while I'm trying to commission a new printer though, do you happen to have any rough ETAs for a release candidate or a final release of 1.19?

  • For anyone else stumbling upon this problem, you can get rid of the spamming by disabling acceleration control in Slic3r (that is, setting the acceleration control values to 0).

    According to https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/issues/37 it seems that acceleration control is not strictly necessary with RRF to begin with, so I disabled it and decided to configure firmware pressure advance instead.

  • I was considering slowing the acceleration on the external perimeters to get rid of some wobble and keep it high on hatching and travels. I had started to play with slic3r's acceleration control. Am I barking up the wrong tree here?

    Edit: I'm optimising with the aim to get solid filled parts built as fast as possible.

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