LokBuild surface and mini ir sensor

  • Hmmmm, the bed looks really smooth but the mesh grid compensation is terrible!

    Oh, I wonder what it could be …


  • Its reading differently over the lettering. The black areas absorb IR differently to the orange areas. The IR sensor was a big improvement over inductive (accuracy, repeatability) , capacitative (accuracy, repeatability - even more so) and microswitches (convenience, repeatability as its fixed), however the wide range of surfaces and coating being used now make it slightly less ideal than it was before.

    Nozzle contact sensors are now the better choice, whilst you might need to determine a z offset for a surface, or babystep and record the amount and add it to config.g (or config override.g) you can get very accurate and repeatable probings across a wide range of surfaces, even ones you swap in and out.

    I make them and DC and T3P3 are making a nozzle contact sensor, or you can build your own, see my sig for the site the resources page explains how to do it.

  • @DjDemonD:

    Its reading differently over the lettering.

    Yes. I think you missed the smiley at the end. Could have shown it even better if I could do the mesh grid at tighter spacing than 10, but it would take all day.

  • Fair enough 😉 my point still stands. How is the surface performing?

  • Meant to add an apology, I should have highlighted that it was humour a bit more - sorry! And I have followed your peizo reports with interest.

    Can't say that I like the surface yet 😞


    • reduces the build area to 200x200 but I knew that
    • got bubbles while applying, really hard to peel back up gently and work them out
    • nozzle at 240C already burned one hole in it - would be nice if it held up to temps up to 250 imho
    • the sensor issues - even recognising them - caused lots of mis-starts until I started setting bed height and homing further from the edges than I expected (and not in the centre, which I still did by default even after the mesh results above :-))


    • Eventually I did get the height correct and stuck a print down - and got it back off again as advertised.
    • looks much nicer than my extra wide blue painters tape that tended to bubble up

    Will see how long it lasts. Test will be if I want to put the spare I bought on when this one is finished.

  • No worries 🙂

    Yeah I might get a sheet just to try with the piezo sensor, but so far I'm sticking with printbite.

    Which interestingly although its fairly tough a 250 deg C nozzle driven hard into it during a headcrash, which I had a few of during developing the piezo sensor, will leave a hole in it, I have about 3 or 4 holes, tried filling them with abs juice, which works but gets pulled out with a print.

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