SOLVED DUET 3 can not connect in Windows

  • Hello, I have a Duett 3 V1.01 board since today.
    I connected it with a USB cable.
    I wanted to connect standalone but I can't do that.
    I installed the Windows driver and the drivers in Arduino. The board is not displayed in the Windows device manager.
    I configured my printer with the web tool for the board and copied it to an SD card as well as the WWW folder from the Raspberry Pi SD card supplied.
    What am i forgetting?
    Do I have to change any jumper?
    The Diag LED flashes continuously.

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    Try some different USB cables and ports. The USB cable must be able to support data and not just power. And the USB port needs to be able to provide enough power for the board. Sometimes using a powered USB hub helps.

    If you have the config.g and the /www files on the SD card already, you could power it via VIN and connect via ethernet and skip USB entirely.

    Diag light pulsing is normal.

  • Can I take the SD card that is intended for the Pi and only exchange the Sys folder?

    There are pages on the Internet that say you should first connect the board to the PC. Therefore I have not yet done and tested the connection to 12V.

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    The SD card that comes with it is a raspberry pi operating system and will not work as is in the Duet 3.

    If you have a separate SD card you just need to place the config files and web interface files on it (plus create a few other folders) and it should work with the firmware that is already loaded on the board.

    You can use this tool to generate the config files, and at the end it will also give you a link to the web interface files.

    This page shows what the file structure should look like.

    Basically you will need these folders /sys /www /macros /gcodes

    config files go in /sys and the web interface files go in /www

    In the configurator you can specify some network information.If you choose DHCP you will get your IP address from your router, or you can manually specify a static IP address for the duet. Then when it's booted up you should be able to reach the web interface via that IP.

  • Thanks. It is work. I used the 3te usb cabel and now is it running. I can use the Pi sd card. This version is for both, pi and Board.

    How can i close the thread?

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