How do I reconnect to the Duet Wifi.

  • My router after a power outage my router reset and I can no longer connect to the Duet. How do I re-establish a connection without having to reconfigure the whole board?

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    Were you using DHCP or static address?

    If it was DHCP and you didn't have a reservation in the router, it might be on another IP. You can either log into the router to see what it's assigned as now, or you can connect via USB and send M552 to see what IP address it has now.

    Or if you were using a static IP before, but didn't pick an IP outside of the DHCP range used by the router the router might have no assigned the IP to another device. In which case you should go into your routers settings and see if you can see your old Duet IP being assigned to something else.

    Can you ping the old IP address?

  • Which router are you using right now? I have been using Markus with no issue yet. Serving me well so far.

  • also, are you using an asus wifi router. ive had issues with mine at first and had to turn off a few settings. it was a nitemare to find. I think there is an app or something out there to "find all duets on my network".. might hunt for that.

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