JavaScript error stops Print

  • I am currently trying to setup my printer with the duet. But after printing the Skirt loops and a few firstlayerlines i get this error in webcontrol and the Print stops:

    A JavaScript error has occurred so the web interface has closed the connection to your board. It is recommended to reload the web interface now. If this happens again, please contact the author and share this error message:

    Message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'axesHomed' of undefined
    URL: http://boxone/js/dwc.js
    Line: 1584:30
    Error object: {}

    When using Cura right after Z-Probing so i guess the first G1 triggers the same problem, any ideas?

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    Can you tell me what versions of the firmware and web interface you are using?

  • The newest stable ones. I just copied everything onto a new sd Card.
    Then ran the firmwareupdate 1.18.1
    Then the Wifi server update: 1.03
    then now the web interface: 1.15a
    still running into the error at the same place every time
    any ideas?

  • Can you post first few lines of the gcode file that causes the error.

  • M104 S200
    M109 S200
    G1 Z15 F200
    G1 X100 Y100 F8000
    G92 E0
    G0 F3600 X72.088 Y90.514 Z0.3
    G0 X72.49 Y90.248
    G1 F1800 X73.048 Y89.925 E0.03217

    i am pretty sure it doesnt get further and from now on just G1s

  • I fiddled around a bit and now i cant connect to the duet in any way neither usb nor pronterface.
    I guess it would be the best to wipe everything and start from scratch.
    Any instructions on how to do that?
    Also the file that creates the error isnt that saved on the wifi module directly? So it couldnt be an sd related issue could it be broken in some way?
    This is really frustrating

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  • So i guess we can close this thread now, i hit erase and reset cleared the whole sd Card,
    Then used Sam-Ba which was hard to find as the atmel website isnt correctly working for me.
    So Reinstalled the firmware(1.18.2 this version is only really found on the forum on the github i couldn't find it. The installed the rest of the firmware via Pronterface. and now i am printing :).
    So thanks for the help, but i would suggest putting up a wiki page, that explains setting up the Duet completly from Null

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