Driver Mosfets

  • I had an accident with driver 3 on my Duet 3 6HC and the driver appears damaged. I have an SMD rework station so part replacement isn't a big deal. Just to be safe I want to replace the TMC5160 and the mosfets. I couldn't find the specific part number for the driver mosfets in the schematics. The markings T18 1943 didn't return any hits on google. What is a suitable replacement part with matching footprint? Thanks.

  • i think its this one corresponds to markings at least.

    edit: please update if you find a reputable source with them in stock.

  • I'll take a mosfet off the board to verify the pinouts, but seems like the right part. Thanks for the fast answer. Seems like Mouser has stock at $0.87 in single quantities. findchip results

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