SOLVED Using M591 L parameter with Laser sensor

  • @dc42 I know you are not a big fan of firmware changes and most of the time an alternate approach is appropriate but this is an instance that I think may be applicable to a firmware change.

    As I have been experimenting with indirect laser filament sensor concepts it became clear that leveraging the L parameter reserved for rotating mag sensors is actually also applicable to the Laser sensor.

    Additional parameters for Duet3D rotating magnet filament monitor
    Lnn Filament movement per complete rotation of the sense wheel, in mm

    If the L parameter were to be extended to the Laser (types 5 and 6) sensors then the community could tune various indirect laser sensor solutions just as we are with the mag rotating sensor.

    Pnn Type of sensor:
    1=simple sensor (high signal when filament present)
    2=simple sensor (low signal when filament present)
    3=Duet3D rotating magnet sensor
    4=Duet3D rotating magnet sensor with microswitch
    5 = Duet3D laser sensor
    6 = Duet3D laser sensor with microswitch
    7 = pulse-generating sensor

    As most of the time you guys developing are pretty clever I tried to use the L parameter with my type P6 and P5 sensors just to see if you already allow this type of config. No dice. It was ignored.

    Would it be difficult to extend the L parameter in the M591 logic to include P5 and P6 sensors to allow for tuning when used in an indirect configuration?


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  • Wow! Now either you are amazing fast or your were already thinking about making the very same change.

    That's great. Looking forward to the update.

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