First successful benchy on kossel XXL

  • Thank you All,
    Just wanted to thank everyone for your precious help, as today, I can report my first successful print with a duet wifi which is also my first successful print ever.
    Doing so with the help of the duetwifi was actually much less of a pain than I expected from seeing friends struggling with other electronics and software.
    About the noise level we now need a way to silence those fans as truely I can't hear the steppers.

    Following the delta calibrations, entering the values in config was a breeze.
    Autoleveling was a bit of a pain until I got the Buildtak in place on top of my damn 5mm piece of glass.
    Anyway I learned a lot reading the documentation and making all this so thank you again for all your work which made this possible.

    The printer is a kossel25k xxl 1.5m high with openbuild profiles and hiwin linear rails.
    DuetWifi, DC42 mini IR sensor, E3dV6 extruder(s), magnet balls and carbon 509mm arms.
    Custom metal printed (60mm arm distance) effector
    All electronics and motors mounted on top.
    I plan to have interchangeable heads for ceramic paste extrusion (extruder is almost ready but I need a way to hold the reservoir and feeding tube at a constant height above the effector.

    And here is the print, Slic3r 1.2.9 0.3mm layer height in nightglow PLA,
    The first few prints failed because I had too much material extruded, the nozzle would touch the excess solidified material and miss steps…
    After, I calibrated the steps/mm of the extruder and added the parts blowers on the effector, all went as smoothly as could be,

    the rest of the album is here:

  • Where can I get those slim blower fans?


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