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  • I believe this question is mostly directed to David as it is quite specific and related to the IR probe.

    What is the maximum operating temperature in the vicinity of the probe? I am printing PEEK at 360ºC (+/-) and would like to check for the possibility to use the mini IR probe (alongside with the Duet wifi i already have). The chamber is also heated to 70ºC to 80ºC . Is there any kind of protection i could use besides the polyamide kapton tape? Any suggestion is welcome!



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    The rated working temperature of the IR probe is 85C, limited by the optical components.

  • Thank you very much David, I will make a dry run with some sensors in the probe´s location (without it of course) and will report later! Maybe i can find an alternative location, i´ll test, try and report.

    Cheers and thank You!

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