Duet WiFi - Not responding to firmware updates (even option 3)

  • I bought one of the first few batches of Duet WiFi boards but just recently got around to installing it. I powered it up via USB just fine and checked the firmware. I updated all three sets to the latest from DC42's GitHub repo and setup the web interface. So far so good. I powered it up on the 24V supply and rechecked the web interface. still good so far so I powered it down. Came back to it a few days later (no changes) and web interface was not working nor is the USB interface working. Note: that all the LEDs come one as expected and the card does seem to respond somewhat to the BOSSA and SAM-BA 2.1.6 utilities. I tried "option 3" firmware update using the erase and reset buttons. The programs recognize the card but when I attempt to write the firmware it says the flash is locked. It asks to override the lock and when I select that it goes off for a while more than 5 minutes and returns with an error about not writing to the flash.


    I swapped it out for my other one and it seems to be going just fine (so far). The first one had less than 5 minutes on it at 24V when it gave up. The second one has about an hour so far running at 24V.

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    Other than a faulty Duet, I can think of 3 possibilities:

    1. Firmware not completely erased, which could account for the flash being reported as locked. Hold the erase button down for at least a second and try again.

    2. Insufficient power. If you were flashing the board with USB power only, use a PC port or powered USB hub that can supply at least 500mA. Disconnect any other devices that draw power e.g. PanelDue and active endstop switches.

    3. Dodgy USB connection or cable. Try a different cable.

    HTH David

  • I've tried all of the above and I still get an error about a page lock when trying to write the firmware. The utilities seem to identify the CPU just fine and can connect, I just can't seem to get past the flash is locked error.

    This is board 76/500 (sticker on CPU) from the early sales.

    This computer/software/cable updates my other DuetWiFi just fine. That board is number 278 of 500 also purchased in the early batches.

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    I am discussing with Tony and Roland how best to sort out your board. We'll get back to you soon.

  • Thanks.

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    Hi we will repair/replace your board under warranty, please contact me at info@duet3d.com so we can sort the details.

  • Thanks. Sending email.

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