Duet 3 - servo motor

  • any updates regarding duet3 - servo motor control?

    @dc42 you mentioned a prototype back in May, any news?



  • administrators

    We found a limitation of the prototype hardware (undocumented feature of the microcontroller) so we need to do a new prototype using a different microcontroller. However, we can continue to use the existing prototype to develop the remainder of the firmware. I may find time to work on it next week.

  • howdy
    so when do you think we can get one for testing :))

  • administrators

    We have 15+ of the existing prototypes, which we will be giving away to interested OEMs and users when we have some firmware ready. We'll probably give priority to those who can contribute to the control algorithm firmware. There will be no support for these boards once the pre-productions boards using the different MCU and the associated firmware are ready.

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