Need advices about servo-motor/closed-loop

  • Hi people!
    I'd like some advice and tips about an idea.
    I have a Robo R2 3D printer.
    I like the printer area, the visual, and the overall structure.
    But as the boards are "limited", I was thinking on replace the mainboard for a Duet 3 and change the stepper motor by a servo-motor.
    I confess I'm new on printing hardware and still reading a lot and making some experiments with my machine.
    My intention is convert it to high-end equipment.
    Further, the changes will include the hotend and so on.

    So... is this too much overkill? Waste of money/time? Good choice?

    I would be very grateful for some tips and advice on how to improve the printer.

  • In my opinion, you would not be getting any additional benefits by going to servo's. Also you would probably have difficulty interfacing them to the Duet 3.

    I think your best bet would be to identify what areas you want to improve and solicit suggestions on how that could be done. I have much more experience with upgrading CNC machining centers than with 3D printers, but many of the concepts are the same. There is a saying about polishing a turd, it's still a turd. So, instead of upgrading based on what hardware is available, upgrade based on what improvements you need.

    Good Luck.

  • @maxspongebob in order...

    1 - quality/precision
    2 - silent
    3 - easy to setup/modify
    4 - implement the second extruder

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