ExoSlide CoreXY update 1

  • Re: WIP ExoSlide based CoreXY Printer

    I just about have my printer wrapped up now. Getting a few prints from the machine, looks pretty good. I've had a number of bumps along the way, but learning new things is always good, right? I still have to finish the Y endstop wiring, it's just kind of hanging there for now, and wrap some of the other wiring for a finished look. IMG_20200905_174806838.jpg IMG_20200905_174759657.jpg IMG_20200905_174653704.jpg IMG_20200905_174726172.jpg IMG_20200905_174713143.jpg IMG_20200905_174702806.jpg IMG_20200907_195204808.jpg IMG_20200905_174754294.jpg IMG_20200905_174743792.jpg IMG_20200905_164741822.jpg

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