Missing sensor in web interface

  • Is there a document that explains why a component is displayed in the web interface?

    The reason I ask is that there is a sensor defined in my system that used to show up and now it does not.

    What needs to be present for a heater to show in the web interface, or a sensor or a fan or a bed?

    It seems that just defining these components does not mean that they show up.


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    What firmware and DWC version are you using?
    How is your sensor defined in config.g?

    On the status page in DWC (3.1.1) there is the Tools + Extra tab to set and display the temps, extra sensors would show up in the extra tab, doe sit now show there?

  • Duet 3 with Pi3 B+ SBC
    DWC is 3.1.1
    My config.g file is attached.

    Ok, now I see how to show a graph of the unassigned sensor. Sorry I missed that.

    Still a couple questions though.

    I have 2 heaters on my bed, a right and a left and a single extruder. They each show as Active in the DWC after a reset. How does one force those to show as Off or Standby with Gcode? I would like to set the Active and Standby temperatures to an actual value other than zero in my config, but anything other than zero turns the heaters on.

    I have been using M140 to control the heater temp, but the logical heater state does not seem to be settable in M140.

    I am using a water cooled heat block on my extruder and it has a fan and a pump. Right now I am controlling the pump and fan as Fan devices in the config. The pump is using OUT2 of the Duet 3 and the fan is using OUT4. I have configured the pins using M950 with a PWM value for the fan, but the pump should be either on or off, not PWM controlled.

    The question is I know how to setup and control the pump without a PWM value? Just On/Off. Also, if it is configured in this way will it still show up in the web interface as a fan with a % value?

    Lastly, how do you tell the DWC that filament is already loaded in the tool after a reset?



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    @maxspongebob said in Missing sensor in web interface:

    but anything other than zero turns the heaters on.

    say that a few times out loud. turning it on... turns it on...

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish, or think it should accomplish? For the tool, see the T command. Selecting a tool with T0 makes it active. If a tool temp was set with G10, setting it active will raise the temp to the set point. Setting it inactive again with a standby temp set with G10 will set it to the standby temp.


    Using M140 will select the bed and set it active and set the temp all in one. https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M140_Set_Bed_Temperature_Fast_or_Configure_Bed_Heater

    I don't think you can do something like T0/G10 with the bed. If you're turning it on, it's to a set temp.

    For your pump... PWM value of S1 is on, S0 is off. Does that now work?

  • @Phaedrux said in Missing sensor in web interface:

    @maxspongebob said in Missing sensor in web interface:

    but anything other than zero turns the heaters on.

    say that a few times out loud. turning it on... turns it on...

    Ok, so the T0 at the end of my config set the flag in the DWC as active. I should have seen that, sorry.

    Ok, configuring the bed heater sets it as active. It would be nice if after a reset, I could set it to off or standby.

    With the pump, yes, S1 is on and S0 is off, but it also has a slider on the DWC that changes the value. I really was looking for just an on/off button.

    Still learning. Thanks.

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