Craftbot IDEX kinematics

  • Thinking about a 500x500 corexyu IDEX; but was worried about belt length and squareness. I noticed craftbot has different kinematics, which I think would address at least the squareness concern and some belt length. It has a markforge like resemblance but not the same. Wonder if this can be accomplished with the duet?Craftbot.jpg

    trying to avoid marlin; like to possible upgrade to E3D tool changer in the future.

    picture enclosed. 1 stepper for Y movement; but the two stepper are stationary like corexy (reducing weight on y gantry), but need to account not only for x movement but also add in y movement (X+y)

  • correction of diagram; more accurateCraftbot.png

  • Yes it's possible, I have that on my printer.

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    That's dual Mark Forged kinematics. It's supported by Duet/RepRapFirmware, along with every other kinematics for which the motion of each axis is a linear combination of the motion of the motors.

  • @feliz


    You may want to add a second Y motor to the other end to aid in keeping things square.


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