Silicone heater with 1-wire thermistor

  • Hello all,

    I have been searching for awhile in regards to the one-wire thermistor that the silicone heaters are equipped with. According to the wiring diagram for the wifi, there is a 2-pin terminal for a conventional thermistor. How do I go about wiring up a 1-wire thermistor?


  • A thermistor is a resistor whose resistance changes with temperature. I have a silicone heater but it has two wires for the thermister.

    I could only assume that the thermistor is sharing a wire with the heater?? That would be odd to be sure.

    Maybe you could provide a link the the heater you are considering.

  • All the Silicon Heaters I have had have either had a 2 wire thermistor or non at all as in the last one I Got.

    A thermistor cannot work with just one wire so maybe it is a faulty pad.

    Also they tend to be a little of on temps due to the majority of them being fitted below the pad itself so does not report the temp of the bed but this can be allowed for by increasing the temp setting.

  • What voltage is your silicone heater? Is it AC or DC? If it's DC why not test it, get a multimeter out and test the resistance between the thermistor wire and the ground wire of your heater. If it's reading around 100Kohm at room temperature and the resistance drops if you warm it up in your hand then you have a bizarre shared ground with the heater. Not sure I'd want to use that. So I'd just buy a thermistor from ebay for £1 and sandwich it between the heater and whatever you're attaching the heater to, in the middle of the bed.

    Also check the resistance of the positive wire to the thermistor wire you don't what those to be connected.

    While you're at it check the resistance of the heater circuit and stick the resistance and your chosen voltage into a calculator to see how many watts and amps it will draw, does that match up with what you ordered?

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