Time saving idea - home if required

  • So I like most others I'm sure, have a G28 home command in our start gcode/bed macro. However sometimes the machine is already homed when a print begins. Sometimes we put a home command in a bed.g macro in case we want to run one from an un-homed state, but then end up running it after homing commanded from another macro/start gcode. Hence homing twice.

    Re-homing takes time and if the machine is homed already is unnecessary, therefore would it be possible to have a switch for G28 say G28 R for example which would effectively mean - check if homed - if not then Home all, or skip this command if the printer is already homed?

    Just a thought.

  • I just do the homing while the bed is heating up - I have to wait for that in any case. So, M140 - G28 - M190. Of course, if you print onto a cold bed, then it won't work.

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