heaters don't perform identically

  • I have a freshly installed, brand new duet2 ethernet. new heater cartridges, new heater leads, i even have thermal conductivity paste installed in the heater blocks for both the cartridges and thermistors.

    one heater can reach higher temperatures than the other. this is not the first time this has happened. i primarily only have dual extruder machines and they're all like this.

    What's the dealio?

  • I'm guessing the heater cartridge will have wider tollerances than the heater fets; but resistance in the cartridge and Rdson in the fet are probably slightly different between the two heaters.

    but with 0 input you get pretty much 0 output as pr usual.

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    I suggest you measure the resistance of each heater element. Chances are that you will find they are significantly different, which will result in correspondingly different heat output.

  • @dc42 to the point that they can't even reach the same temperature?

    These are genuine e3d 24V/40W heaters. the weaker one can't reach 280 without a cooling fan, and with a cooling fan, just can't maintain any usable temperature.

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    1. Check that you have assembled the hot ends correctly, with a similar gap between the top of the heater block and the bottom of the heatsink. AFAIR this gap should be about 3mm.

    2. If that's not the problem, perhaps it is a bad crimp connection in the heater cable?

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