Printer using some built in pause/resume for tool change?

  • I'm getting superfluous extrude started happening AFTER my tpost* file finished. It REALLY messes up my prints because a large blob is produced. I also tried disabling the extrude from my resume.g thinking the printer was treating it like it was pausing/resuming and that didn't change anything. I'm only getting extra retractions and extrusions, the proprietary XYZ movements associated with my pause or resume scripts.

    The extra extrusions and retractions are 10mm. I can see it while watching the drive counter.

    Here's the time line. the .. are indents for nesting.

    tool change initiated

    .. enter tfree0.g

    if heat.heaters[{tools[0].heaters[0]}].current >= 160 & job.file.fileName != null
    	M98 P"/macros/  LOWER WIPER"
    	M98 P"/macros/_ tip forming"

    .... enter LOWER WIPER

    M98 P"/sys/retractprobe.g"
    G1 Z15 F12000
    M98 P"/macros/1_Move_Centre.g"
    G1 U28 F9000
    G1 X220 Y50 F12000
    if tools[0].state == "active"
    	G1 X300 Y270 F12000
    if tools[1].state == "active"
    	G1 X300 Y252 F12000

    .... exit LOWER WIPER

    .... enter _ tip forming

    G1 E1 F3600
    G1 E-20 F3600

    .... exit _ tip forming

    .. exit tfree

    .. enter tpost0.g

    if heat.heaters[{tools[0].heaters[0]}].current >= 160 & job.file.fileName != null
    	G1 E20 F3600
    	M98 P"/macros/  WIPE"
    	M98 P"/macros/  RAISE WIPER"

    .... G1 E20 F3600
    .... enter WIPE

    G1 U-1.4 F12000
    ;G1 X20 F54000
    ; LR diag
    G1 X-80 Y-5 F36000
    G1 X80 Y5 F36000
    G1 Y-5 F36000
    ; RL diag
    G1 X-80 Y5 F36000
    G1 X80 Y-5 F36000
    G1 Y5 F36000
    G1 X-40 F36000
    G1 X20 F36000
    G1 X-40 F36000
    G1 X20 F36000
    G1 X-40 F36000
    G1 X20 F36000
    G1 X-40 F36000
    G1 X20 F36000
    G1 U1.2 F36000

    .... exit WIPE

    .... enter RAISE WIPER

    G1 X140 Y140 F12000
    G1 U0 F12000
    G1 Z-15 F900

    .... exit RAISE WIPER
    .. exit tpost.g

    .. move back to printing position XY
    .. extra extrude??? <------ HERE
    .. move down to printing position Z
    resume printing

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    Are you sure that your slicer isn't inserting them? Take a look at the GCode file you are trying to print, to see whether there are retract/extrude commands around the T commands.

  • @dc42 I woke up in the middle of the night with a big "Doh!" So, yes, you're right. 😉

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