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  • I'am currently building a printer from Random spares and a few new parts which i will be borrowing to the hacker/makerspace i am a member off. as such there will be quite a few people who will be operating the printer, and iam trying to make it as easy to use as possible.

    it will be using a duet 2 wifi for the controller.

    but iam wondering if there is any responsibility to have like a check for the correct slicer machine definition. so like a line added to the start script of the gcode. where the printer will not work unless it receives this line.

    one possible way i have had is inserting a "M37 S1" at power on
    and adding "M37 S0" in the start g-code. but not sure if that would work or if there is a better way.

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    @lahn92 I'm not sure how using simulation mode will help; it doesn't really tell you if the slicer settings are correct. With so many slicers, and with so many tweakable parameters, I'm not sure how you can use it to check gcode falls within certain criteria.

    The way the hackspace I'm a member of did it is to create a slicer profile that works (eg 0.2mm layer height, temperatures for PLA), then share that, on the hackspace website. Also run workshops to educate users how to change slicer settings. And be prepared for people to mess up, and the printer need fixing!

    I'd also make your printer as robust, but fault tolerant, as possible. If it's a bed-slinger, with X axis that raises on Z axis, make the X axis 'float' on Z, rather than be rigidly fixed. That way if someone homes or drives the nozzle into the bed, it will do less damage. If it's a CoreXY, this is more difficult, though. Use quality components for longevity; hackspaces are generally dirty places!


  • having the controller say that its the wrong slicer profile, would be the best by far.
    but my thinking with the simulation toggle would be that, if you try to run gcode with the wrong start script. the printer would only simulate the work instead of actally running it.

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    @lahn92 Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, that should work, though doesn't stop users changing parameters in the profile and causing problems. Educating them is going to be the key, long term.


  • whice will also very much be done.

    just trying to eleminate the sliced for the wrong printer fault.

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