Building A Rotary Delta with Servos Questions

  • Hello everyone,

    I am building a very large roughly 1m build volume Rotary Delta. I am using Yokogawa Servos with matched servo amplifiers. They have 1 million line encoders and 8Nm of torque.

    The Parker Yokogawa servo amplifiers use a differential step direction input. So I ordered a Duet 3 and the expansion board. It seems that they have changed the connectors between the two...... So I am not sure what to do. Is there a newer version of this board or can I adapt the older board to the new board.

    Also for rotary delta has Duet figured out how to do bed leveling routines? I saw something that suggested that they didn't have it implemented.

  • administrators

    Which expansion board did you order? The first production run of the Duet 3 external driver expansion board is going through testing now. It provides differential outputs with 5V signal level, so suitable for boards needing either single-ended or differential inputs.

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