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  • I think we took something for granted and need a bit of assistance understanding if there is a way to correct the issue. I'm sure this is documented, but I have not yet been able to find anything related to this..

    What we've noticed is that when using : M950 P7 C"0.out7" to define a GPIO port for a relay, what's really happening is positive is always hot and ground is what toggles on/off with M42 P7 S0/1.

    Is there a way to flip this around? We are using a relay board with a common ground which expects positive to toggle on/off each relay.


  • @oozeBot said in GPIO Assistance:

    Is there a way to flip this around?

    Not without external circuitry for any significant current, for just a signal level you could add a pull-up resistor to the output.

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