Smart effector on a Non-Delta !!!

  • Im designing and prototyping a non-planer Core-XY just now.

    I had the carriage design locked in with an E3D Hermes (or so I thought)

    I keep spares for most of my printers so while working on some electronics to go on the carriage of Core-XY I was looking through some of my duet boxes for a connector and I came upon a spare smart effector and as happens I thought " I Wonder Could it be done?" And down the rabbit hole I went.

    I didn't have a spare single Nimble on the shelf (and due to covid they are not shipping just now) but I did have a "dual" which I split and designed a custom mount for.

    Its on and all tight but it seems to work, i will test in the coming weeks, As you can see from the photos there is a bit of a difference in weight.



  • Nice work done...though I'm finding better the precision piezo orion in my other type of printers like corexy and cartesian...i have 3 kossel all of them using duet2wifi and smart effector witch work beautifully...and my corexy and a prusa style(test printer for all sorts of hardware and firmware)printers uses duet2wifi in conjunction with precision piezo orion v2 as i find them more space saver than a smart effector, though before buying the precision piezo orion i was thinking as well on adapting a smart effector to my corexy!

  • @weed2all

    I will try this first, I also have a precision piezo that I might design a mount to go under the nimble, im a big fan of the zesty nimble.

    Just wanted to see if this was "do-able" my next task is to get the smart effector to talk to the LC-1 Tool board !!! and see if I can use multiple duet IR sensor boards purely as end stops.

    I can get the IR sensor to detect the heads of an Allen bolt so I dont see how it cant be made to work.

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