Two small issues in DWC 3.2b1

  • I wanted to report two small issues I've noticed in DWC 3.2b1.

    1. I've noticed in the editor, when you scroll down into a file, close it, then reopen it, the scroll bar weirdly reports you are not at the top but where you were prior to closing the last file. Nothing major, but it is a bit of a nuisance and I believe new with 3.2b1 as I would have noticed this prior to upgrading.

    2. This one took me WAY longer to figure out than it should have - and it probably existed before. When manually typing in an active temperature for tools, and not clicking enter afterwards, the temperature is not registered and clicking the tool name or "heater" to activate does nothing. Manually typing a temperature followed by clicking enter successfully registers the temp and then works as it should.

  • Did this ever get reviewed? #1 is annoying and can't just be happening to me. I've learned to work around #2, but it seems odd that the UI works the way it does..


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    @chrishamm just tagging your here to make sure you have got these logged!

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    Thanks, I'll look into #1.

    #2 has been the case since DWC1 and nobody has complained about it so far. It may make sense to be able to change the default behaviour.

  • @chrishamm Just checking in on this? Any chance they'll make it into beta 3? thanks

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    @oozeBot Yes, both will be fixed in b3. I noticed temperatures from the drop-down list were no longer applied when clicking on them but that's been fixed already. Likewise I made a change to address #1.

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