Cura, and Gcode flavor

  • Hello,

    I'm currently using cura with the reprap marlin Gcode flavor in the settings of cura. I think it'll be better to let the firmware manage the zHop with G10/11, with M207 defined in config.g.

    Apparently these codes a generated only if I use the Ultigcode flavor (, did anyone ever tried it ? what are the pros and cons ? Is there any mandatory Gcode to add or remove in the start/end code with this flavor ?

    Additional question, is there any witchcraft to know between using M207 with M572 (pressure advance) ?

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    The page you linked to implies that there is on slicer start/end gcode added when you use the Ultigcode flavour. RRF will take care of the nozzle temperature provided that the gcode has a T0 command at the start to select the hot end tool

    The other difference is that Ultigcode may be using volumetric extrusion, which is not supported in RRF at present but could be added.

  • thanks ! I miss this volumetric part! I'll wait then 🙂

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