Duet2 Wifi on Ender 5 Plus - retaining touchscreen?

  • Hi 🙂

    I am just installing Duet 2 Wifi in Creality Ender 5 Plus, and I wonder if I can retain original 4,3'' touchscreen?

    It has similar specs to older/smallest Paneldue, and is really nicely mounted in the chassis. Upgrading to 5'' or 7'' Paneldue means additional enclosure and I would gladly avoid that.

    I am using 12864 on Maestro&Ender3, and it is ok for simple tasks - I use Webcontrol for complicated stuff anyway.

    So 4,3'' touchscreen seems quite reasonable.
    At least for a start.
    Since it is already there.

    I have a fear of small currents in me, and don't want to fry my new shining Duet - can somebody look into it, or maybe share a success story?

    Here is the specification of very similar display (02WT instead of 06WT):

    Only I have newer version: DMT48270C043 _06WT.

    Original board is connected with the screen by 4-wire (5V, GND, Tx, Rx).
    Onboard SD port is not functional (there are additional Rx and Tx for that, not connected).

    I don't have a clue about firmware etc. on these displays.

  • unless you can get the source code and do the porting yourself, i think you are out of luck.

    the mounting holes are off by 1mm from the paneldue 4.3.

  • administrators

    There is a chance that is will work if you connect it to the PanelDue port. You will need to use RepRapFirmware 3.1 or later and use M575 P1 B57600 S2 in config.g to put the port in raw mode (you can change 57600 to another baud rate such as 115200 to suit the display). For safety I suggest you use resistors in series with the TxD and RxD lines. 1K would be a suitable value. You will probably need to swap TxD and RxD over.

  • @dc42

    thanks for reply
    I have some further questions:

    1. how and where do I install the firmware? on the touchscreen? what is the procedure?

    EDIT: I have checked the procedure for original Paneldue - can I use it?
    Only my display doesn't have usb port, so I probably should connect USB directly to TX/RX/5VB/GND? Again with resistors on RX/TXfor safety? What if I reverse RX and TX by mistake, is it safe for my computer?

    1. what is the chance that I will get full functionality of Paneldue?

  • @Veti

    The dimensions offset doesn't look too bad, a little of careful filing should do the trick

    I will probably try to upgrade and use original screen.
    If I brick it in the process - welcome paneldue 4,3''.
    The only caveat is the availability, it is not very popular and I will probably have to wait for it a bit.

  • @treetopped said in Duet2 Wifi on Ender 5 Plus - retaining touchscreen?:

    how and where do I install the firmware? on the touchscreen? what is the procedure?

    when he said use reprapfirmware 3.1 (i think) he referred to on the Duet board hoping the existing display was compatible with the PanelDue protocol - and NOT reflashing the original screen (after 3.2 RRF changes the protocol to use M409 instead of M408)

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    Actually I was assuming the display uses simple GCode commands, that's why I specified S2 in the M575 command.

  • thanks for the clarification

    so, I just connect it (resistors and all), and it either works, or it doesn't
    and I have to check the firmware, upgrading it if necessary
    Rx-Tx crossover is safe, and there are only two ways to connect it, no poroblem

    It greatly simplifies matters 🙂

    I will post the result here

  • Alas, no joy.

    I have tried 57600, 115200 and 250000 baudrate, crossed and straight RX-TX, nothing but startup creality logo.

    It is a shame, I really like the flush mount of the original screen.

    Already ordered Panelduer 4.3''.
    For now, it is going to be strictly DWC and old iPad.

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