Try to recover a PanelDue 5i

  • Hello friends!
    I have a core xy printer equipped with an integrated pcb version of the paneldue 5i v1.0, last night during a maintenance the panel decided to jump off the bench and hit the floor and damaged some (4) components.
    Two of them I don't know where they ended up, because they came off the board, they are the diodes DA1 and D1, could someone tell me which diode models I need to replace both?
    The other two components that broke are the capacitor C2 and the coil L2, but these are still attached to the board and I can read the model of both.
    I believe that even with the impact the lcd continues to work well.
    I appreciate if you can help me, and wish me luck please 😖
    I've attached some pics of board!
    c4fff876-6fda-4d3e-a446-f9cba4eec05b.jpg 35a1c042-2560-40c4-b111-cd57103482b7.jpg 3bd26f57-2feb-442a-8f4e-69e6781f09ff.jpg

  • the schematics are here

    <part name="D1" library="diode" deviceset="DIODE-" device="DO214AC" value="SS13"/>

    cant find DA1 there though

  • administrators

    The diode shown as D1 on the schematic is DA1 on the board. It is a 1A Schottky barrier diode with low voltage drop. Its purpose is to protect the circuitry if the power is reversed and also to stop USB power feeding into the Duet or vice versa. You could replace it by a wire link of you didn't want the protection.

    The coil (10uH inductor) and the other diode belong to the backlight inverter. If the coil isn't cracked and still has continuity then you can just solder it back in place. For the diode I suggest a Schottky diode rated at least 0.5A at 20V.

  • Thanks for your help @Veti and @dc42 !
    I've encountered a SM220A is a 2.0 AMP Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifier, this is the datasheet
    Can I replace the d1 diode on the board for this one?
    In my region(BR) its so dificult to find specific components like this in warehouses, so i try to look in some waste electronics boards.

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    Yes that diode should be good for both if it's the right size.

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