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  • Hello Gentlement,
    I have started a pick and place project using OpenPnP and a Duet3. So far so good, the machine is moving nicely and all that is left is configure the additional axis and utility pins for LEDs, pumps and solenoid valves. Especially the latter is an issue I struggle with finding documentation.

    Essentially I want to repurpose the IO pins, for example one heater pin with mosfet switch to drive the vacuum pump. I have searched the forums and documentation but I was not immediately successful, realizing I simply don't understand how RRF3 is expected to be configured. I realize there is a CNC and Laser mode for machines that are not a 3d printer, but the Gcode documentation seems that's only reltated to the laser and spindle (so does not apply to me).
    So what would be the proper Duet-way of setting these things up? What are the documentation parts I need to look at? I have the impression most of the documentation is in the list of GCode commands, but searching for letter-number combinations is not exactly efficient 😅

    Any hint is greatly appreciated! 🙏

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    Hi, great to see Duet3 being used for PnP. The various FET controlled outputs on the Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC are nominally for heaters and and fans on a 3dprinter, but they don't default to that purpose.

    The command M950 is used in config.g to set their function, so:

    M950 P0 C"out1" Q500; create output/servo port 0 attached to out1 pin with a PWM frequency of 500Hz

    The [wiring diagram](link url) show the pin names and they are listed on this overview.

    Once you have a port setup as a GPIO port you can then switch it using M42:

    M42 P0 S1 ; set Port 0 on
    M42 P0 S0.2 ; set Port 0 to 20% PWM

  • @T3P3Tony excellent! thank you very much!

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