Duet 3 PCB Board File ETA

  • Hi, I'm just checking if there are plans to release to the KiCad files for the Duet 3. I've seen some discussion about waiting until the Duet 3 officially released, and was curious if/when that is still happening.

  • Seconded. Would be very useful to have for customization.

  • Im happy for them to delay this as long as possible to delay the cloners.........

  • They can at least release PDF version of the PCB since there are some places in the schematic that I do not know what they represent exactly, like for example the point that VREFN connects to GND is through something called NT1,2 and because of that, there is a different between using GND and VREFN even they are both being connected at the end to the same point!

  • After making some research about what this NT stand for, I found that it is used for connecting two different nets to each other like analog ground and digital ground and since I am using Eagle, I wasn't able to understand what on earth this connection for(eagle does not have this specific Net tie thing)

    I was confusing since in the SAM E70 Xplained dev board there wasn't anything like that but later when I went through the Duet3 Schematic I found they want to use the ref ground for specific tasks!

    Anyway, releasing all the CAD file or at least the PCB layers in PDF format will be very nice to help people like me making their own custom board faster!

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