Duet WIFI reset not working

  • I bought Duet Wifi 6 months back. Used for 1-2 months. During this period, the board worked, but with some connectivity issues here and there. (Same as others). Later that board was not used.

    Last week I started using the board again. Duet Wifi was not shown in the list of available networks. When the machine is switched on, the blue LED near Wifi was blinked very weakly. Later didn't turn up.

    I used Pronterface to connect the board. Then used M551 S0 to disable the Wifi. Again used M551 S1 to enable it. After that, it connected to the Wifi network.
    But, this happened every time I switched on the machine. I deleted the temp files, removed cache. But nothing happened. Then later I updated to 1.19beta6 firmware. After that also, the same happened.

    With frustration, just erased and reset the board. Bossac port came. By using the advice from this thread https://www.duet3d.com/forum/thread.php?id=1628, i downloaded BOSSA exe.

    From the windows screen, I selected the DuetWifiFirmware.1.18.bin. In the Bossa screen, selected 'Erase all', 'Boot to flash' options then 'Write' the firmware. It went succesfully.
    Then after exiting from the Bossa, click the Reset button on the board. Removed USB and found that the Bossac port was changed to Duet Wifi or Ethernet board port. After that when I connected the board through Pronterface, it was not connecting. Some script started running continuously without stopping. (I used proper COM port, baud rate etc).

    Again with frusturation, Erased and Reset the board, uploaded the firmware through Bossa.exe. This time also, it uploaded succesfully. After that I reset and removed USB and connected again. BOSSA COM port disappeared, but no port was showing in the Device Manager. I restarted Pronterface, computer everything. But no port was coming.

    Again Erase and Reset. BOSSA port came, Uploaded firmware again. Now again, the BOSSA port disappeared and no port came.

    Completely frusturated with DUET Wifi..

    Please help on this issue.

    Note : SAM-BA website is not working. No files are downloading.

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    1. Check the size of the DuetWiFiFirmware.bin file that you downloaded. it should be a little under 300K in size.

    2. Windows sometimes gives up on USB ports. You may need to try a different USB port or reboot Windows to get the Duet port or Bossa port to show up in Device Manager.

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