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  • I want to tune my heaters to higher temps 300C. I have set M143 S325. M303 will not accept any temp over 260 and most of the time it won't complete Auto tune. If I set M303 to S240 Auto tune works fine. I don't have any M301 in my config. I want to use polycarb. at 285C, I am having trouble printing with ABS at 260C with current settings.

  • I recall max temperatures is 275 so worth trying that maybe it's enough. I'm sure someone will be along in a minute to explain how to change it.

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    Which firmware version are you running? I think there may have been a hard-coded M303 temperature limit in earlier firmwares, but later firmware allow up to the temperature limit you set with M143.

    The M143 command takes an H parameter to specify the heater number. If you don't provide it, it assumes H1. So on a machine with two nozzles and two heaters, you must always specify the H parameters.

  • 1 board at 1.18 and the other 2 at 1.19beta8. That did the trick. Thank you!!!

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