Disable firmware standby temperature

  • Disable firmware standby temperature (or with other words, always use active temperature).
    This is for slicers like Cura 2.6 that manages the temperature of the inactive tool and dose this in a smart manner. As an example, Cura starts to heat inactive tool before tool change to minimize wait time.
    One possible way to disable the firmware standby temperature could be:
    [c]G10 R-1[/c]
    This should have not affect any current users.

    I could implement it if you think it’s a good idea but don’t have time to spend on it.

  • If you always want to use the active temperature, why not just set active and standby temperature to the same value? That's what I do in my slicers start gcode. Or have I misunderstood what you are trying to do?

  • I don't want same temperature. I want to take advantage of the slicers smart standby temperature handling. The slicer sets inactive tool "active" temperature to the "slicer" standby temperature, and later some time before tool change to the active temperature, this has no effect with reprap firmware as active temperature is ignore on inactive tool. Cure 2.6 uses M104 and M109. It does not use G10/M116.

  • On top of being able to disable standby temp for cura use, can we have the facility to heat up the tools early, to facilitate them being ready for use immediately upon tool change?

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    This would be helpful but it does require the firmware to look ahead, potential rather far in the gcode to anticipate a tool change and then act appropriately. I think the right answer is actually for the Slicer to do it as Lars says. The issue is that Cura should be using G10 properly rather than just using M106.

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    I'm looking to support Ian's colour change advance in the firmware some time in the future. When I implement that, it shouldn't be difficult to implement tool preheat too.

    It would be good if someone can code support for RRF gcode flavour in Cura including using G10 and relative extrusion, and submit a pull request.

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