Maximum current of the heater cartridge

  • Hi,
    I'm planning the setup of a hotend capable to deliver temperatures up to 500°C.
    Therefore I'm wondering what the maximum accepted current (amps) of the heater cartridges is when using a 24V power supply.

    Thank you

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    Which Duet?

  • Sorry, this should have been defined earlier.
    At the moment I have Duet 2 WiFi, Duet 2 Ethernet and Duet 2 Maestro in stock. Thus I can choose. Would be interesting to have an answer for each of these boards to understand my operating range.
    Thank you

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    The heater outputs of all those boards should be good to at least 5A if you use properly crimped ferrules in the heater output terminal block. AFAIR the terminal blocks are rated 6A. The 2-pin Molex connectors on the Maestro should not be used above 2A.

    The VIN fuse on the Duet WiFi/Ethernet is rated 7.5A. You might need to increase it to 10A if you use a 5A heater, to allow extra current for the motors and fans.

  • Thank you for your fast answers again!

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