Switch JSON data by existing G/M code

  • Hi,
    My struct
    arduino <--------> RepRapFirmware <-------->DWC
                      [uart]                                [ethernet]
    If I want to send json command from arduino to DWC, is any RRF's parameter can be stored data by existing G/M code? And DWC get json data by G/M code.

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    what is in the JSON object, and what do you want DWC to do with it when it gets it?

    As RepRapFirmware is running on a controller that (probably) has a mass storage device (i.e. SD card). the JSON object could be put there?

  • @T3P3Tony said in Switch JSON data by existing G/M code:

    I have a BLDC Driver which I want to get status and error code to show message by DWC.
    JSON object like { "Current": 1000, "Velocity": 90,"status":"IDLE"}.
    CUZ SD card has write cycles doubts, I will take it as a second consideration.

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    When variables are added to the gcode meta commands you will be able to use the arduino to set user variables for those fields and then write a DWC plugin to display them.

    If you wanted to do that before variables are implemented you could either:

    1. hack a work around by using fields that exist in the object model (things like settings for an axis that you did not use and was hidden).
    2. write the file to the SD and and then have your display plugin read the file

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