Duet Power Panic - Review request

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    First off, let me apologize for the crap PCB design; I am nowhere close to @T3P3Tony or others on this forum when it comes to PCB design / routing.

    Some background: I have my printers on a UPS; however, if and when there is a power cut, depending on how many printers are running, the UPS may get overloaded. Before the UPS circuit breaker trips, I switch off the bed heating to make the power draw a little less.

    I wanted to 'automate' the process and here is what I have come up with: a mish-mash between the Prusa Power Panic and a Duet capacitor bank.

    The goal for this is to enable the bed to be switched off automatically; while allowing printing to continue / duet power recovery to kick in.

    Please note, the Panic_In signal comes in from a non-UPS outlet.

    Please review the attached schematic and board files and let me know if you see an opportunity to make this better.



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