Hotend breakout board

  • I know the duet boards are designed to work with many different setups but many people use them for 3D printing. One of my biggest hassles is running all with wiring from my hotend back to the board. I would be nice it there was a variant that instead of placing everything on a single board, you had the components that go with a hotend on a breakout board. Then you would buy the main board and then add a breakout board to go along with each hotend you have. Then you would have a single ribbon cable that you could cut to length and have a clean setup.

    The main board would consist of
    X, Y, Z1 Z2 steppers (4pin)
    X, Y, Z1 Z2 end stops (3 pin)
    H0 Heater (2 pin)
    H0 Thermocouple (2pin)
    Case fan(3 pin)
    4 or more breakout headers

    Breakout board would have
    ExStepper - 4Pin
    ExHeater - 2Pin
    ExTemp - 2Pin
    X and Y Sensor(redundant) - 3Pin
    ZSensor - 3Pin
    PartFan - 2Pin
    HeaterFan - 2Pin

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